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“Between sonic expression and linguistic meaning lies gibberish.”

Home of Art presents The Babel Project by Zvov Trio, Sunday July 16, from 17.00h. The Babel Project celebrates gibberish through voice, text-sound and instrumental performance. Through gibberish performance, The Babel Project probes and expands the sonic possibilities of music and language, creates new accessible sound and new forms of communication between the performers and…
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OPENING PARTY Exhibition of Japanese artist Eiko Maruyama

On Saturday July 1, from 16.00- 19.00h, we invite you to the OPENING PARTY of the Exhibition of Japanese artist: Eiko Maruyama at Home of Art. Japanese artist Eiko Maruyama studied art at the graduate school of George Washington University in the United States and Rietveld academy in The Netherlands.  Whisper : "During the sunset hours,  orange sun is reflecting its self on the…
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Freak- Folk, Alternative, Rock music by: Ghom at Home of Art

Join Home of Art on June 30, from 19.00h, to listen (and dance?) to Ghom! GHOM! is a music project involving one viola and one guitar, voice and many percussions. From Klezmer traditionals to Indie- rock tunes, from country music to Turkish rhythms with an experimental touch. All in one word: GHOM! Freak- Folk, Alternative, Rock by: Maya Felixbrodt (viola, vocals), Rob Talin…
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Home of Art's calendar of events From now on you can view Home of Art's calendar of events on our website HERE. When you click on an event, you will see more details. It is also possible to save the event directly to your own digital agenda now, using Google Calendar or ICal, which is…
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Home of Art on YouTube – your help please!

Home of Art on YouTube: Did you know that Home of Art has its own YouTube channel? We are currently working on bringing you more videos of our past events. Help Home of Art on YouTube: We hereby kindly like to ask you for your help: we need more subscribers in order to be able to…
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“The Circle Of” at Home of Art

Home of Art invites you to The Circle Of . Come and be part of a circle where video art and live music meet to make the screen come alive. Discover micro samples of Amsterdam from an ever-changing perspective. Challenge yourself to shift focus. Enjoy the delicious variety of slow art. [caption id="attachment_521" align="alignnone" width="1920"] The…
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Ipong Purnama Sidhi Exhibition at Home of Art June 23 – 30

Ipong Purnama Sidhi Exhibition at Home of Art   Ipong is a painter, printmaker, illustrator, curator and book designer born in Yogyakarta, Indonesia (1955). After graduating from the Indonesian Institute of Arts in his home town, he worked as a book designer at Gramedia Book Publishing (1982-1990), followed by a job as an illustrator at…
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Subscribe for updates about events at Home of Art Besides exhibiting and selling art, Home of Art regularly hosts and organises intimate concerts, workshops, performances and more in an inspiring space. On the website you can read more about planned events at Home of Art and past events at Home of Art. We recommend you to…
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Are you ready to come unprepared?

Are you ready to come unprepared? Who is getting #blindfolded? #Zvov Sensory is coming to #Amsterdam next Sunday, 30 April for 2 shows at Home of Art! 15:00 & 17:00! Do not forget to reserve your spot via It is scientifically proven that 90% of the information absorbed by the brain is #visual! Zvov…
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The Scroll Ensemble at Home of Art on April 20

On Thursday April 20, at 19.00h, Home of Art presents The Scroll Ensemble. The programme includes improvisations on 17th Century English dance music, Bach inventions, and more...

The Scroll ensemble wishes to return to the freshness, spontaneity and freedom of early music. In the past improvisation was as important in early music as it is now in jazz and pop music. Mozart, Bach and Vivaldi were all improvising stars. The Ensemble brings back this now lost art to revive the vivacity of the relationship between the audience and the

The Scroll Ensemble is: James Hewitt (violin) Robert de Bree (recorder/oboe) Roberto Alonso Alvarez (cello) Iason Marmaras (piano).

“What this group does is completely unique. No one else in “Classical music” dares to undertake the feat of improvising whole concerts as a group! If you like the spirit of jazz, Indian ragas, Arabic taqsim, or if you are simply a fan of wonderfully played Baroque music, they are for you.”
– Kati Debretzeni [Concertmeester, Sir John Elliot Gardiner]

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