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Education at Home of Art

Home of Art believes that the combination of art and education plays a fundamental role to support one's creative abilities, self-expression and learning abilities. By means of workshops, information sessions and other ways of education at Home of Art, Home of Art strives to connect people, ultimately improving social cohesion and creating understanding for others.

At Home of Art we organise and host workshops to inspire, to educate, to create awareness, to free one's mind, to fuel one's artistic flames, to delight or to simply make you happy or relaxed.

Home of Art has hosted a.o. these educational workshops:

Acro Yoga
Ashtanga Yoga
Crochet workshop
Family Yoga
Finger Yoga
Guitar/ music workshop
Hatha Yoga
Indian classical dance Bharatanatyam
Songwriting workshop
Women's singing workshop


Education at Home of Art :Crochet workshop at Home of Art by María Sempere Valdecantos

Education at Home of Art : Crochet workshop at Home of Art by María Sempere Valdecantos

Your workshop at Home of Art?

Are you looking for an artistic, inspiring location for your workshop? Are you interested in a workshop that’s not on offer at Home of Art? Perhaps we can combine our skills, knowledge and networks and make it work together! Send us an email with an introduction/ short bio via and tell us why Home of Art wants you.