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Martin van Hees, 07-07 from 20.00h at Home of Art The Hague

On 07-07 from 20.00h we welcome Martin van Hees live in concert at Home of Art The Hague. With his classical guitar play he will introduce us to his contribution to contemporary music. 

Guitarist Martin van Hees is involved in various projects where he combines contemporary music with jazz crossovers and chamber music. His program Remgewogen for solo guitar contains compositions from the 20th and 21st century by Dutch composers. Martin van Hees is honored to perform new works written for the guitar by upcoming composers that are dedicated to Martin himself. These works will also be included on his new album "Remgewogen", the first album with emphasis on new Dutch music for the classical guitar.

The 7th of July is also an important date for Martin, since his campaign to raise awareness on the making of new music and at the same time raise financial support for his project on Voordekunst , comes to an end. The classical guitar is, as a solo instrument, one of the most colorful and intimate mediums between composer, performer and audience. The instrument is incredibly versatile and can be used in different styles. Many of these styles can be heard in his program.

Martin van Hees is a classical guitarist, member of chamber formations and also guitarist with contemporary ensemble Kluster5. He also won various prizes with classical guitar repertoire in different festivals in Greece, India, Hungary and the Netherlands. Since 2014, the guitarist has been actively working with contemporary composers. In 2016 was the release of his debut album Cadence with works by Western European and South American composers.

For more about Martin, visit his website: .

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