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Eiko Maruyama’s Boat “Pika Pika”carrying the joy of colours

Home of Art is happy to announce Eiko Maruyama's Boat "Pika Pika" carrying the joy of colours, an exhibition of Japanese artist Eiko Maruyama at Home of Art from February 5 until February 12, 2018. 

Eiko Maruyama requests the pleasure of your company at the reception of her solo exhibition held on Sunday, 11th February 2018 from 16:00-19:30 at Home of Art, Korte Vijverberg 2, 2513 AB Den Haag, The Netherlands .

Eiko Maruyama's boat "Pika Pika" carrying the joy of colours.

The Inspiration behind these paintings is the boat called "Pika Pika", which is floating in our hearts. "Pika Pika" is a Japanese phrase that characterises the blinking of a light. It expresses the igniting of the person's heart with jubilance like Pikachu does.

Pikachu expresses all his emotions by saying only "Pika Pika" without any other words. His voice moves our souls. He appeals his emotions that cannot be expressed. It is a magic tone like the bright tone of colours.

The Boat "Pika Pika" makes us smile. This boat is floating in our hearts. The colours are very cheerful and happy to show the joy that can be found within each of us. "Pika Pika" embodies the passion, joy, smiles and energy of life.

The boat signifies the magical cradle that protects these emotions. It is through these paintings that I can transmit this happiness and ignite other people's hearts since Pikachu's "Pika Pika" is so close to my own heart.

De vrolijke kleuren van Eiko's boot ' Pika Pika'.

De schilderijen van Eiko Maruyama zijn geinspireerd door de boot ' Pika Pika ', die rondvaart in ons hart. ' Pika Pika' is een Japans woord dat verwijst naar het schitteren van het licht. De boot 'Pika Pika' laat ons jubelen net als Pikachu dat doet. De enige woorden waarmee hij zijn emotie uitdrukt zijn ' Pika Pika'. Zijn magisch stemgeluid, helder als licht, brengt onze ziel in beweging.

De boot ' Pika Pika' doet ons glimlachen. Zijn opwekkende en vrolijke kleuren laten de vreugde zien die verscholen ligt in ieder van ons. Pika Pika betekent lachen, passie, levensvreuggde. Deze boot als de magische wieg behoedt onze emoties.

Doordat Pikachu's Pika Pika diep in mijn hart leeft, kan ik door mijn schilderijen de harten van anderen blij maken.








Eiko Maruyama's exhibition at Home of Art (Den Haag) lasts from  5 February to 11th February 2018 (Opening hours during exhibition are between 13:00  & 19:00 ). 

Eiko Maruyama requests the pleasure of your company at the reception of her solo exhibition held on Sunday, 11th February 2018 from 16:00-19:30 at Home of Art The Hague.

16:00 Drinks
17:30-17:45  Welcoming Speech by the Gallery owner and a small lecture on Eiko’s paintings by Dr. Peter van Dael, Art historian
17:45-18:00  Thank you Speech by Eiko Maruyama
19:30 End of reception.

 Look forward to seeing you there.

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