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Buy me a coffeeBuy me a coffee at Home of Art Den Haag at Home of Art Den Haag 18 - 19 Nov. 2017

Finally the time has come for the first exhibition in Den Haag. On Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 November we invite you to: at Home of Art Migration | Migracija
Visual Arts | Films | Workshop | Discourse
18-19.11.2017 |Home of Art | Korte Vijverberg 2 | Den Haag, NL

What is “migration”? How do we hold it together and establish new relations when we migrate out of the country, out of our comfort zone, and between different identities? How do we keep ourselves open to new cultures and ideas in the times when borders are both disappearing and solidifying, and communities are becoming more closed off? invites to ask these questions from the perspective of the arts and culture by bringing together young artists from Lithuania, Belgium and the Netherlands.  During a two-day festival we will present the works of artists from diverse disciplines: comics artist and graphic novelist Miglė Anušauskaitė, painters Adomas Danusevičius and Eglė Ulčickaitė, as well as a Rotterdam-based collective Kastė Šeškevičiūtė and Katja Dendulk, contemporary dancer Goda Žukauskaitė, and two Lithuanian students currently studying in The Netherlands and Belgium, respectively: Sonata Riepšaitė and Julijana Zavjalova.

Next to the exhibition, visitors will also be invited to participate in the discussion on ‘Nomadic Identity’ (18 November), workshop on drawing comics (19 November), and see a selection of Lithuanian short films by up-and-coming Lithuanian film directors. The discussion will also be broadcast live on the website is organised by the Lithuanian Community in the Netherlands, in collaboration with theory and culture critique magazine This festival is based on the work of volunteers and is made possible by partial financial support of the Lithuanian Council for Culture and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.

The entrance to is free of charge.
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