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Help Home of Art’s friends of The Scroll Ensemble & vote today!

The Scroll Ensemble performed at Home of Art on April 20 and we have no doubt they will perform for us again. Their innovative approach to performing early music by improvising left an impression and was beautiful and fun to attend. 

The Scroll Ensemble now needs our and your help!
Here's a message from them:
"I would like to ask you for your help. The Scroll Ensemble wants to organise jam sessions to teach amateurs to improvise with classical music! A unique project. After 15 years of improvising ourselves, we feel it is time to start sharing with the world.

To make this possible we need some money. We have already received one grant, but for the next funding application we need help from as many of you as possible: the fund would like to see c.a. 100 people supporting our project by way of voting.

There is a deadline for 27th of August, so there is a little bit of haste. 🙂 Click here to help us or see the attachment.

Sharing anywhere is very much appreciated! Thanks so very much!"

The Scroll Ensemble
Robert de Bree, James Hewitt, Giulio Quirici and Roberto Alonso

We only have 1 day left to give The Scroll Ensemble 8 more votes. That's doable, right? Click HERE to find out how.

More about The Scroll Ensemble:

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