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“Between sonic expression and linguistic meaning lies gibberish.”

Home of Art presents The Babel Project by Zvov Trio, Sunday July 16, from 17.00h.

The Babel Project celebrates gibberish through voice, text-sound and instrumental performance.

Through gibberish performance, The Babel Project probes and expands the sonic possibilities of music and language, creates new accessible sound and new forms of communication between the performers and the audience. In these performances, sometimes the instrument “speaks” whereas gibberish “makes music”.

Zvov exists of interdisciplinary musicians - performers, composers and improvisers, who combine their broad interests, experience, skills and practices into the overall ensemble creation; Maya Felixbrodt (IL/NL) – Viola, Clara Riviere (SP/NL) – Cello, Shaya Feldman (IL/BL) - Bass.

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