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Zvov Sensory Performance by Zvov Trio on April 30 at Home of Art

On Sunday April 30, at 15.00h AND at 17.00h, Zvov Trio will take you through an immersive and unique experience, with their Zvov Sensory Performance at Home of Art. The audience is invited to a new type of journey within the world of new music.


By shutting down one of our senses, the brain starts to replace the impulses with imagination and becomes more alert to other senses. Blindfolded, the audience members are lead by the hand into the space. Every sound, touch, and smell becomes magnified. Once in the space, they hear string instruments playing and moving around them. Using various prepared objects, the sensory theater makers walk around the audience, introducing the stimuli to each person to create a fresh and exciting experience of discovery without sight. Suddenly the audience realizes they can even sense when somebody is approaching or standing next to them – or recognize smells or touch that further stimulates the imagination.

Zvov Sensory

Zvov Sensory was premiered in Koninklijk Conservatory Spring Festival 2015, The Hague. The concept was created as a collaborative project of Zvov String trio and Kc Composition department, with composers Yvonne Freckmann and Liisa Hirsh.

Two pieces of music are integrated among the free improvisation of Zvov trio: “Leaf Cycle” by Yvonne Freckmann and “FAR” by Liisa Hirsch. In “Leaf Cycle” the audience interacts with fresh and dry leaves while the trio plays the score, and in “FAR” the audience is encouraged to walk toward the sound of the string trio as a climax to the entire Zvov Sensory experience. After the music stops and the air clears, sensory performers take off the blindfolds and allow the audience to slowly exit the Zvov Sensory world and discuss their individual experiences over a cup of coffee or tea. This part of sharing thoughts is an equally crucial element of the process.

Watch the official trailer HERE.

Who is Zvov Trio?

Zvov is an international trio based in The Netherlands and Belgium. Instrumentally, it is a 'lower' version of the traditional classical string trio. Zvov exists of interdisciplinary musicians - performers, composers and improvisers, who combine their broad interests, experience, skills and practices into the overall ensemble creation;
Maya Felixbrodt (IL/NL) – Viola,
Clara Riviere (SP/NL) – Cello,
Shaya Feldman (IL/BL)
 - Bass

More about Zvov Trio: 

BE AWARE; There are limited spaces available!

Send an email to to reserve your spot for one of the 2 performances.
Click HERE for the Facebook event for the 15.00h performance.
Click HERE for the Facebook event for the 17.00h performance
(Clicking on "going" on Facebook, does not ensure your spot! Please reserve by email as well!) 

The entrance fee for this unique experience is € 10,-.

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