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Shostakovich Viola Sonata by Rinde Yildiz and Marte Gerritsma at Home of Art

On Sunday May 14 from 17.00h, Home of Art invites you to listen to Shostakovich Viola Sonata by Rinde Yildiz (viola) and Marte Gerritsma (piano).

About Shostakovich

''The Viola Sonata for Viola and Piano, is said to be Shostakovich's second autobiographical work. Shostakovich was aware that he was in his dying days. He had gradually lost control of some of his limbs, and as a result, he wrote much of the sonata by propping up the writing arm with his other hand.'' - John David Roxburgh

Dmitri Dmitriyevich Shostakovich (25 September 1906 – 9 August 1975) was a Russian pianist and composer of the Soviet period. He is regarded as one of the major composers of the 20th century. Shostakovich achieved fame in the Soviet Union under the patronage of Soviet chief of staff Mikhail Tukhachevsky. A polystylist, Shostakovich developed a hybrid voice, combining a variety of different musical techniques into his works. His music is characterized by sharp contrasts, elements of the grotesque, and ambivalent tonality; the composer was also heavily influenced by the neo-classical style pioneered by Igor Stravinsky, and (especially in his symphonies) by the late Romanticism associated with Gustav Mahler.

About the musicians

"We are so happy that Home of Art gives us the opportunity to play one of the most interesting pieces written by Shostakovich. The music is incredible intense and pure."

Rinde Yildiz (viola)

"As a classical violist I play with different chamber music groups, orchestras and as a solist. The genre ranges from classical music, to film, to gypsy music and even Pop/Rock. The venues where I perform, vary from beautiful theatres and halls like Het Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, to hospitals, refugee centres, schools and festivals (e.g. PinkPop).

I discovered that the joy a musician can transfer to the audience, is independent from who the audience is or where the concert is staged. Therefore I believe that with music, we have great tool in our hands by which we can connect and inspire people.

My aim is to spread music by performing, teaching, coaching and organising musical events. I want to reach the people who do not get to experience music in this state of art."

Marte Gerritsma (piano)

Marte Gerritsma was born in Assen in 1988. At the age of five she started taking piano lessons, she had lessons with Ellen Dijkhuizen since 1997. In addition to piano Marte has also been educated in playing cello from the age of ten. She has been playing both cello and piano parts in various orchestras for years, including the Netherlands Youth Orchestra conducted by Jurjen Hempel.

In 2007 she began her piano studies at Martyn van den Hoek at the Conservatory in Utrecht. In 2011 she graduated there for her Bachelor's degree with distinction. In 2017 she finished her Master studies at the ArtEZ under Frank van de Laar graded a 9 out of 10.

Besides solo repertoire Marte enjoys playing chamber music a lot. She works together a lot with string instruments.

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