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Didgeridoo concert by Tiago Francisquinho at Home of Art 24 March

Didgeridoo concert

On March 24, from 19.00h, we welcome you to a unique Didgeridoo concert by Tiago Francisquinho at Home of Art. Tiago is a dear friend of Lies Beijerinck, "The Didge Mother of Holland"; she will be playing some tunes as well. 

About Tiago 

Tiago was born in the Spring of 1986 in Tomar, a small city in the center of Portugal. He plays and experimented with different musical instruments, but developed his main musical work around the Didgeridoo and percussion. When Tiago was 20 years old,  he moved to Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, where he began studying sound, a subject that was very important to continue his musical work in different artistic backgrounds.

In 2008, Tiago discovered the APD (Associação Portuguesa de Didgeridoo) and the Didgeridoo Residence in Portugal, a place that forever changed the way he would see the Didgeridoo, Aboriginal art and Culture. He started playing Didgeridoo around 10 years ago and since that time he is getting to know his musicality better, with no expectations and no future plans besides loving the moment forever. By this principle, Tiago will keep the motivation that is needed to improve his play-ability!

A message from Tiago

"This concert is the reflection of my last years of solo playing, I will play the themes I created for my last solo Cd. They are all very rhythmic and percussive.

There is an intention, a narrative and a story that I will share with you. It will not be a "full" concert because I don't have my full set on me, but indeed, there will be new grooves, fresh tunes and momentarily creativity.

So, in order to make this happen, I ask for your energy and would also appreciate a donation at the entrance. I am really glad to show my music, share my stories and surprise you all with my soul and energy.  See you soon Amesterdão!"

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