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A Friend to Feast With by Kristien Sonnevijlle & Lydia Müller -April 2 at Home of Art

This Sunday, April 2, the day after the opening of Young Blood Initiative's event Decoding Sensations, You are welcome to bring your little ones to Home of Art for a "A Friend to Feast With" by Kristien Sonnevijlle & Lydia Müller from 15:00h.

A friend to Feast With is a performance & short workshop for children for up to 6 years old and their families. A musical dance piece about how beautiful and difficult friendship is. Making friends, that's ok. But to keep them... How do you do that? Maybe it helps to travel together. For real. Or kind of. The two friends in this piece imagine everything to stay together.

 A Friend to Feast With by Kristien Sonnevijlle & Lydia Müller:

"Hoi oelewapper, ik vind jou lief. 

Beste tierelier, nou dat vind ik ook van jou. Soms ben je wel een beetje een tranentuiter. 

Hoi oelewapper, je bent een flapdrol. Ik ga nooit meer naast jou zitten.

Beste flierefluiter, je krijgt de hatseflatse groeten. Eet smakelijk."

All Languages welcome!

Donation: 5 EUR

Dance & Voice: Lydia Muller and Kristien Sonnevijlle

 A Friend to Feast With is part of Decoding Sensations, a curious brew of art at Home of Art. More info:

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